Christmas in July?

Well I’ve been sick for the past three days, so not much to show.  I found this at Peddler’s Mall before I got sick.  I figure it can be used as a platform for some pretty tatting.  As far as the cross stitch part of it, I will have to look around online for some ideas because, the holes are in a circular formation so I am not sure what to do here.  But the outer row of holes will get a small edging in size 80 or metallic or something.  Stay tuned…

Pink, please.

Lately, everything I’ve been tatting has been pink.  Today I am sharing two projects with you but I have been working on more.  It’s just that some projects are for an exchange at Intatters and I am not sure if blogging about them before the recipient has seen them is the proper thing to do, so I am holding off.  If anyone has any thoughts/experience with this, I am all ears.

First up is the finished bookmark from my last post before my internet died (which, by the way, was because I needed a new modem from the cable company).  It’s Petals by Julie Patterson from the book “Just Marking Tome.”  The thread is Lizbeth Spring Garden in size 20.  The pattern is loaded with split rings.

Petals bookmark

Next up is Mira, a little drawstring bag with a tatted teacup motif hand sewn to the fabric and then constructed on my rarely used Singer Confidence Quilter sewing machine. I really like the way this came out. The pattern is from the book Contemporary Tatting: New Designs from an Old Artwritten by Judith Connors.  I currently have six balls of Lizbeth tatting thread tucked inside but Connors’ concept for this bag is to use it to hold a “take anywhere cup of tea.”  I am really a coffee drinker so I am just using it to put random tatting stuff in.  I really like the way the print of the fabric looks like tatted lace a little bit.  The drawstrings are just two strands of Lizbeth crocheted into a length of chain stitches.  I was going to make kumihimo cording to match but changed my mind after considering the amount of time it would take to make 26 inches worth.

Mira drawstring pouch